Professional Exterior Cleaning Services in Ely, Cambridgeshire

Pro Clean Xtreme provide professional exterior cleaning services to residential and commercial customers throughout Ely and surrounding areas. Give us a call today!

Driveway & Patio Cleaning

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driveway cleaning ely

Call Pro Clean Xtreme for professional driveway and patio cleaning services in Ely, Cambridgeshire. Our team has years of experience cleaning exterior surfaces of residential and commercial properties.

Over time, your Driveway and patios have to deal with:

  • Exposure to the elements
  • Collected dirt
  • Atmospheric pollutants

We pressure wash driveways to remove grime, dirt, and organic matter.

The stages of our block paving service include:

  • Pre-treating your driveway or patio
  • Pressure cleaning the driveway or patio
  • Re-sanding driveway joints
  • Optional application of an acrylic sealer to prevent long-term damage

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Commercial Pressure Washing

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Our services in Ely include industrial-strength pressure washing for your commercial property.

You need to maintain the outside of your property just like you would inside. Exterior surfaces come into constant contact with debris and weather conditions. These factors can damage your surfaces and lower their visual appeal. We can eradicate sources of buildup such as:

  • Moss
  • Lichen
  • Animal waste
  • Air and traffic pollution

Our specialist commercial pressure washing equipemt, coupled with our years of expertise allows us to clean the exterior services of any commercial property – reviving that warm, welcoming feeling for your staff and clients.

Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

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Moss can quickly build up on your roof and cause long-term problems. Additionally, a dirty roof can impact the visual appeal of your property. At Pro Clean Xtreme, we have years of experience in roof moss removal, cleaning, and repair services.

Manual Roof Moss removal is carried out by scraping each tile of your roof, to gently remove the moss from your roof. Once all of the moss has been removed from your roof, we clear your gutters and then move into a thorough clean up before applying a biocide roof wash to your roof.

Our roof pressure washing service gives your roof an instant clean and we can apply the biocide roof wash after the clean.

Its your roof and you get to choose which method of roof cleaning you would prefer for your property – we are here to talk you through the pros and cons of both.

Gutter Cleaning

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gutter cleaning services ely
professional gutter cleaning services ely

Pro Clean Xtreme is your one-stop solution for gutters that drain smoothly. You may go years without thinking about your gutters, but you should maintain them regularly to avoid costly problems like:

  • Overflowing gutters
  • Blocked downpipes
  • Interior damage from dampness

Our local team uses professional and market leading equipment to clean your gutters thoroughly. We can work around conservatories, fragile roofs, and extensions by avoiding the use of ladders when possible. Our telescopic poles allow you to see the state of your gutter before and after cleaning.

Building, Render & Cladding Cleaning

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We offer cladding and façade cleaning in Ely and the surrounding areas. We use a range of methods to make sure you get the best quality clean in Cambridgeshire.

Our excellent safety record gives you peace of mind as we work to bring your building exterior back to life. Contact us for building, render, and cladding services for commercial and residential properties.

Call us today on 07856 297 149 for the best exterior cleaning service in Ely.

Exterior Cleaning Services in Ely Areas

We clean exteriors throughout Ely and the surrounding areas.
  • CB6 – Aldreth, Apes Hall, Chettisham, Coveney, Ely, Haddenham, Little Downham, Little Thetford, Littleport, Mepal, Pymore, Stretham, Sutton, Wardy Hill, Wentworth, Wilburton, Witcham, Witchford East Cambridgeshire
  • CB7 – Barway, Brandon Bank, Brandon Creek, Broad Hill, Chippenham, Down Field, Ely, Fordham, Isleham, Prickwillow, Queen Adelaide, River Bank, Soham, Stuntney, Upware, Wicken

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