Professional Exterior Cleaning Services in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Pro Clean Xtreme provide professional exterior cleaning services to residential and commercial customers throughout Peterborough and surrounding areas. Give us a call today!

Gutter Cleaning

gutter cleaning services peterborough
professional gutter cleaning services peterborough

If you neglect your gutters, they can become blocked leading to a host of problems. We offer gutter cleaning for commercial and residential properties that won’t disrupt you or your staff.

Many insurance companies require gutter cleaning at least once a year.

Our work is safe and cost-effective. Even if your system is fragile or complicated, our experienced team will ensure it works correctly before we leave.

Building, Render & Cladding Cleaning

render cleaners peterborough
render cleaning services peterborough
building cleaning peterborough

If you are looking for a professional building, render, or cladding cleaning in Peterborough, we can help you get the job done. We have a wealth of knowledge from years of professional cleaning experience.

We can take care of any building cleaning project, no matter the size or shape.

We can get your building render, including K-rend, close to its original condition. Our specialists use the latest equipment to remove:

  • Pollution from traffic and air
  • Buildup of organic matter
  • Discolouration that happens over time

Driveway & Patio Cleaning

patio cleaning peterborough
driveway cleaners peterborough
driveway cleaning peterborough

Moisture from the autumn and winter months can cause algae to grow on your outdoor surfaces when the warmer seasons roll in. If your driveway or patio doesn’t look as pristine it used to, use Pro Clean Xtreme cleaning services Peterborough. Within hours, our team will remove dirt, oil stains, and moss.

Dirty patios are not only unsightly but slippery and dangerous, as well. We can restore your decking, pathways, patios, and more, no matter the material. When it comes to driveways, some of the materials we clean include:

  • Block paving. We pre-treat, pressure clean, and re-sand your patio or driveway to get it back to its original condition.
  • Tarmac. Tarmac surfaces can retain moisture and house unseen moss and lichen. We can clear away years of debris and kill the growing moss before it causes damage.
  • Resin. Although resin is a highly resilient material, it is not immune to mould. We can help you properly maintain your resin driveway.

Commercial Pressure Washing

pressure washing services peterborough
pressure washing before peterborough
pressure washing after peterborough

We take a professional approach to all of our cleaning services Peterborough. With some of the best pressure washing machinery available, we make light work of cleaning any exterior surfaces. Some of the problems with these surfaces come from:

  • Buildup of grime and organic matter
  • Air and traffic pollution
  • Moss and lichen
  • Bird droppings

Over time, accumulated dirt and grime can make your building look uninviting and sad. Avoid this problem by getting regular professional services for your external grounds. Pro Clean Xtreme has a reputation for providing the best local cleaning services, and we take our craft seriously.

Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

roof cleaning services peterborough
roof cleaners peterborough
roof cleaning peterborough

As a property owner, you want to make sure you take care of your roof. It is your home’s first line of defence against the elements, and algae and moss are its worst enemies. An unkempt roof can lead to:

  • Water retention, causing leaks or dampness
  • Roof tiles that freeze and crack
  • Lower property value
  • Moss, algae, and lichen infestation

We offer two services for the cleaning of your Roof, Manual roof moss removal and pressure washing.

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Exterior Cleaning Services in Peterborough Areas

We clean exteriors throughout Peterborough and the surrounding areas.
  • PE1 – Peterborough, Dogsthorpe, Eastfield, Eastgate, Fengate, Newark, Parnwell
  • PE2 – Alwalton, Fletton, The Ortons, Stanground, Woodston
  • PE3 – Peterborough, Bretton, Longthorpe, Netherton, Ravensthorpe, Westwood
  • PE4 – Gunthorpe, Paston, Walton, Werrington
  • PE5 – Ailsworth, Castor, Sutton
  • PE6 – Baston, Crowland, The Deepings, Eye, Glinton, Langtoft, Northborough, Upton
  • PE7 – Coates, Farcet, Folksworth, Hampton, Stilton, Yaxley, Whittlesey
  • PE8 – Achurch, Apethorpe, Armston, Ashton, Barnwell, Blatherwycke, Cotterstock, Elton, Fotheringhay, Hemington, Kings Cliffe, Lower Benefield, Luddington, Nassington, Oundle, Polebrook, Sibson, Southwick, Stibbington, Tansor, Thornhaugh, Thurning, Upper Benefield, Wadenhoe, Wansford, Warmington, Water Newton, Wigsthorpe, Wittering, Woodnewton, Yarwell

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