Professional Roof Cleaning Services

Pro Clean Xtreme provide professional roof cleaning services to residential and commercial customers throughout Wisbech and Cambridgeshire. Give us a call today!

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Roof Cleaning Wisbech

Wisbech Roof Cleaners

Are you looking for roof cleaning in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire? Our professional roof cleaners in Wisbech have all the expertise and experience required to provide our customers with very very best roof cleaning service in Wisbech and throughout Cambridgeshire.


Avoid Expensive Roof Repairs

Having your roof cleaned helps avoid expensive roof repairs and replacement further on down the line and protects your roof from the elements. Our Wisbech roof cleaners provide a high level of service to both residential and commercial customers and will ensure they leave your roof clear of moss, weeds and other debris and looking in great condition again.


Low Pressure Roof Cleaning

This includes…

  • Hire of cherry picker
  • Low pressure roof clean
  • Biocide treatment
  • Gutter cleared of moss
  • Gutters facias and soffits washed
  • A full site clean-up


Softwash Roof Cleaning

This includes…

  • Moss scraped using the Marshall Pro
  • Clear gutters of moss and debris
  • Treat with a soft wash solution
  • A full site clean-up

Pressure Cleaning Roofs

Our roof cleaners will pressure clean your roof, adjusting the pressure depending on the type of tile they are cleaning to make sure they only remove the moss, lichen, algae and dirt from the tiles without causing any damage to the surface of the tile. Once all the moss, lichen, algae and dirt has been cleaned off your roof, they can clearly see what repairs need to be made.


Roof Repairs

They then do any necessary re-pointing of your ridge tiles and replace any cracked, broken or missing tiles. Once all the necessary repairs have been completed, they then treat your roof with an organic anti-fungal agent which kills any remaining roots and spores in the tiles.


The Final Cleaning Process

Our team finish the process by vacuuming your gutters, washing down windows, frames and doors, to leave the exterior of your house in pristine condition. If you would like any further information or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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